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Akili Lee

Akili Lee is a social entrepreneur who has spent 17 years creating human-centered and technology empowered systems that provide equitable access to opportunity.

He is the co-founder of the Digital Youth Network (DYN), an organization that addresses the urgent need to redesign learning by cultivating equity in our systems and agency in the lives of young people. Akili led the organization’s product development efforts with a focus on social learning networks, citywide youth asset mapping and blended learning. DYN has served over 100,000 Chicago youth through its products and programs.

Akili has led the design and development of two ground-breaking technology platforms. He is the creator of iRemix, one of the earliest youth-focused social learning networks. He is also the creator of the L3 Platform, the technology powering the Chicago City of Learning and later adopted in 4 out of the 10 largest US cities. Akili is the co-founder of Remix Learning, a social enterprise providing a learning product suite to cities, not-for-profits and schools.

Akili earned his bachelor's degree in Computing and Information Systems from Northwestern University and a master’s in Business Information Technology from DePaul University.