L3 Platform

Transform your city into a campus.


L3 Platform

The L3 Platform connects young people to opportunity, allows education institutions to amplify their impact and makes a city smarter about its learning assets. 
L3 has been adopted in 4 out of the 10 largest cities, including Chicago and Dallas.  


Connecting Learners to Opportunity

Learners are able to discover new learning opportunities in their city or online. Users receive targeted recommendations for activities based on interests, age and location. For every activity they engage in, learners are able to contribute to their own portfolio. Learner portfolios give users a record of the critical skills they have developed outside of the classroom. 

L3 helps connect learners to activities they are passionate about and makes sure that their learning outside of school can also count.  


Tools for Educators

L3 gives educators tools to more deeply engage their students and help students bridge the critical learning that takes place in the classroom, community and online. The platform provides solutions that support educators in both formal and informal spaces. 

Teachers, administrators and district teams can create new pathways for their students to develop skills. Mentors and leadership within out-of-school time organizations similarly can make sure the skills developed in their programs are recognized and can connect the youth they serve to new opportunities.


Data for a Smart City

L3 provides the infrastructure to access powerful data analytics to understand the health of a city's learning ecosystem.

What communities are currently not being served with critical STEAM programming? Is there a disconnect between the learning opportunities available and the interests of youth in my city? How far do youth have to travel to reach key programs? How is out-of-school time engagement impact learner performance in school?

Launch your own city of learning with L3 and support youth and educators, while also generating critical data to make smarter decisions.