Digital Youth Network (DYN) partnered with the Chicago Public Library (CPL) in 2009 to reimagine the library experience for teens. DYN worked closely with the CPL team to sculpt the concept, launch the space, refine the model and co-manage the initiative through its formative years. YOUmedia built on DYN's hybrid model for engaging youth and was informed by Mimi Ito's groundbreaking research. Together we created a 5,000 square foot space in downtown Chicago that has supported thousands of young people to discover and pursue their passions.

The YOUmedia model directly informed the establishment of a network of YOUmedia Learning Labs in libraries and museums across the country. YOUmedia Chicago established itself not only as a national model but also a critical part of the Chicago cultural ecosystem, providing a base for many of the young artists at the forefront of Chicago's cultural renaissance. 

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